Impress your customers with a new menu

Arslan Consulting’s’ team of culinary experts has experience of creating menus and menu items for independent and multi-unit concepts. We know that menu creation is a balancing act where items must be favoured by customers while driving loyalty, and profitability. We have a knowledge and understanding of different cuisines, from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, European to Russian and Asian. We can accommodate and plan for the most stringent dietary requirements. For the development of custom menus, we consider different key factors such as brand’s history, ethics and cultural connections; consumer demographics, local ingredients and specialities. 

At Arslan Consulting we start with creating a high-level menu base, featuring categories and approximate item counts. Then we proceed with research & development, working in a development kitchen with the appropriate raw materials that the client wants to source, in order to create menu selections with exquisite and unique flavours and appeal. During the trial we are considering the expected food cost, profit contribution and how to secure consistent execution in practice.


Our Menu Services

Our menu and recipe development services include:

  • Menu Research & Development
  • Recipe Documentation (Prep Recipes and Plate Assembly Recipes)
  • Nutritional Analysis & Menu Calorie Labelling
  • Supplier Selection
  • Raw Material Recommendations
  • Menu Engineering/Optimization
  • Menu Design
  • Menu Costs/Pricing
  • Plateware and Glassware Selection
  • Take-out Packaging Recommendations
  • Smallwares Recommendations
  • HAACP Recommendations